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​We know that sometimes it may look like we are going out of our way to let you know that we have low prices even in areas that you may not expect to hear about our prices. The reason that we like reminding people that we are an affordable service is because, a lot of people don’t even call just because they assume that our prices are through the roof! We know that a lot of services that come to you are not exactly budget-friendly. That shouldn’t stop you though from calling or contacting us to ask about our services! We can provide great discounts when you call and ask us to provide multiple services on the same visit! Like washing and waxing your car, plus your RV, plus your boat! If you don’t have an RV or boat, but you do have multiple cars we can also work out a discount price!

It all literally starts with one call! Our customer service staff is standing by literally waiting for you! The way we usually handle things is setting up appointments in advance to make sure that we arrive at your home on a date and time that is convenient for both us. You can be certain that we will be on time for our appointments! If you need a service in a hurry call us and we will see if we have staff and units available to head out to your location right away!

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