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Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. Each type of motorcycle reflects a lot of the personality traits of its owner. Much more so than a car does in most cases. It is really not the same type of crowd that goes to Harley Davidson and chopper type rallies than the people that love to test the limits of the road on a Ducati street bike. The differences find common ground though when needing to take care of their vehicles. The wear and tear that comes naturally from being on the road can take a huge toll on the overall look of your bike. We can help fight back and keep your bike looking great!

Dealing With Bikes

On a motorcycle one wrong move and you can be rolling on the ground fairly quickly. This also applies when they are just sitting still. If you get people that have no idea how to handle bikes to come in and take care of anything related to washing or waxing you can be in for an unpleasant surprise. Getting your bike knocked over and having to pay some pretty hefty repairs over a dumb mistake. What we typically like to do is to have the bikes tied down to make sure that we can work properly without having that lingering fear of knocking the bike over!

Paint Correction

Speaking of repairs we know that even a minor correction at the dealership may cost you a pretty penny. We have been doing paint corrections on all types of vehicles for years. You can rest assured that we know how to handle the process and get the bike as close to the original paint job as we can. The idea is to make sure that you cannot tell there was actually a correction. Results vary of course depending on how bad the situation is, to begin with, but for the most part, we can get things looking as good as new!

Washing Services

Good old soap and water are still one of the most effective ways to clean virtually anything. We really want to make sure though that when we wash these bikes we are taking into consideration every aspect of the motorcycle. A lot of times they are made out of materials that are better suited for a dry wash service. This can also depend on the look that you may be going for. We will obviously give you our entire wide array of options on how to best get your bike looking spotless.

Engine Cleaning

A lot of times with bike engine cleaning actually serves a double purpose. One that obviously has to do with performance. Making sure that a lot of the outlets don’t get any type of junk building up in them. They are also an aspect that can make the bike stand out. This is true about engines in chopper bikes and exhaust pipes in street bikes. We will figure out what the best way to give you that shiny finish is!

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