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The wax on wax off process is something that we have been doing for years, yet as far as we know, no member of our staff has become an expert in karate! Bad jokes aside, this service is pretty much our pride and joy here at Ace Mobile Detailing of Orlando, because this was the first service that we started to provide many, many years ago. To be honest, way before we started the company we probably didn’t know much about why this whole process was so important to the overall care of vehicles. These days our years in the business have allowed to perfect a lot of the techniques and find the products that we are comfortable with because we know that they will give our clients great results!

Hand Washing Cars

It may not be a common sight around Orlando or any other place in America anymore, but if you go anywhere south of the border or even take a boat from Miami to Cuba or any neighboring islands you will find people that can hand wash your car for a very low price. What are the benefits of hand washing a car? It is truly all in the details! Machines will not be able to spot the specific areas in your vehicle that needs special care. That is why we still provide this service to be able to literally provide custom care!


People who are not overly observative still have a hard time figuring out the benefits of waxing a car. What our waxing services to try to focus on are things like making sure that the paint job can stand out, while being protected from UV rays, dirt and other things that it will definitely encounter on the road. While also being able to provide special care in areas of your vehicle that have been battered by the elements.

Hand Washing RVs

When we started providing this service people really couldn’t believe it. What we found though is that actually getting lazy with your RV when it comes to washing really has a negative effect on the vehicle. Not only on the look, but certain areas may not work properly after a while just because they were never cleaned out properly. This may include the areas of the vehicle that store wastes! An RV is quite an investment so the way we look at it our services only intend to protect your investment the best way that we know how!

Washing & Waxing Boats

We really thought at one point that the road was super tough on cars. That was before we started treating boats! Especially those that are used in the ocean. Although water is the mother of all life it really has a way of breaking down even the fanciest boats you can imagine. We can come in and make sure that every inch of your boat is properly taken care of. From all of the interiors to the exteriors and even underneath the boat where most of the wear and tear occurs.

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