​​Ceramic Pro

applying ceramic pro product

If you are not familiar with the Ceramic Pro product here is a quick overview. Basically, Ceramic Pro is a product that can be applied to many types of fabric and even some outer coverings to make sure that any type of liquid that spills on the fabric just slides right off. This is great for car seats, boats, RVs and pretty much any type of vehicle that you can think of that has any form of fabric anywhere. Some stains are very difficult to fully eliminate. Even with things like bleach chances are the fabric will get ruined before the stain is fully removed. What we can do with Ceramic Pro is avoid the stain altogether.

Ceramic Pro In Cars

Undoubtedly the type of vehicle that we work on the most is cars. The thing about cars though is that they can have interiors that are made from many different fabrics and materials. For the most part, Ceramic Pro can work as efficiently on any type of fabric across the board. We actually have a lot of pictures from our portfolio of past clients that show how effective the product. We would be more than happy to let you have a look or provide a demonstration of how exactly it is that the product works!

Ceramic Pro For Boats

Out of all of the types of vehicles and things that we work on we truly believe that boats are actually the ones where you will take advantage of the use of this product the most. While most boats have leather or vinyl seats that are pretty easy to clean, to begin with they could still use some help. Especially since for the most part you are more likely to be spilling things on boats since the ride is a little bumpier. This can be a great way for you to be able to clean any type of spill quickly on the spot.

Ceramic Pro For RVs

A lot of RVs still incorporate the use of many different fabrics in their seat designs. That and the fact that people who are riding as passengers on an RV are a lot more likely to be doing other types of activities even while on the road than they are just in a normal car makes it a great place to apply Ceramic Pro. The constant movement that comes naturally with the road plus having kids on the back of an RV could be a recipe for making a mess. Ceramic Pro helps you handle that mess a lot quicker!

We Include It In A Lot Of Our Services

The use of Ceramic Pro is basically something that we include in most of our interior detailing services to begin with. That being said a lot of people are not familiar with the product and the benefits that it may bring. That is why like with many of the other types of products that we use in our services we like to keep our clients in the loop about what we are using to clean their vehicles.

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